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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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behind the scenes stuff. i think you'll get a kick out of it. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." up next "hannity" live. welcome to "hannity." we are in the spin room, debate number two between donald trump and hillary clinton is history, wow, what a night. we have a full night of great guests coming up straight ahead and started just moments ago. we caught one former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. this is how it went down. well, you happy? >> i'm very happy. i'm a very happy win. i thought he was going to win. he did a lot better than i thought. i considered it a knockout. by the end of the debate she was just talking for the purpose of talking. she looked tired to me. the last 15 minutes she looked really tired then she would give
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these long wandering answers. in fact, the moderators were totally unfair and let her go on and on. i love when he said one on three because that was three. the moderators were unfair but she hurt herself by going on and on because she started to lose they are train of thought. i think he dazzled -- the moment she couldn't answer the destruction of the 33,000 e-mails which would put anybody else in jail, you know that, i know that, everyone in america knows that. >> abe lincoln line, did he plan that -- >> that was just right -- made up, right on the spot because she made that up on the spot. >> let me ask -- >> you've been a part of the debate prep and what i saw tonight is trump being trump and trump saying what he means and meaning what he says. was he held back a little in the first debate? >> no, i don't think so. look, it's a medium he has to get used to. he's going to be better in the next debate. i told him that. i said, donald, you know, it took him a while with the teleprompter.
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now he's a genius with it, as good as reagan and clinton and obama is with it. he felt comfortable in the debate. the first one probably -- i thought he did much better when you look at it a second time but this debate, this could be one of the biggest knockouts i've seen in a presidential debate. i don't think i've seen one candidate dominate the other candidate more. she was completely on the defensive the entire night. >> unrelenting. the issue everyone was talking about coming in, this tape from, what, 11 years ago -- his answer, he seemed sincere in his apology. >> of course he was. >> number two, he waited because she kept pressing it, he said i'll go there, yes. she was the one who began the n unrelenting vicious,s thatty, horrible attack on him. so, i think the way he answer the it, he apologized but i also put it in proper perspective. we got a world in which people are being killed all over the world. we've had more islamic terrorist
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attacks in the last ten months than we've had since september 11, all over the world including the united states. we're waiting for the next city to get attacked. >> it's scary. >> we have no plan from her ridiculous answers. she has no idea what she's doing in syria. she has no idea. no idea how to set priorities. i thought when she was announcing what she would do, eisenhower didn't announce we would invade -- >> but think about it in substance. taxes, substance, vetting, substance, immigration, substance, syria, iraq, substance. radical islam, substance. >> i come away with it with the following. if we elect donald trump i get more money in my pocket. if i elect her she'll take 20% out. what donald trump was trying to do even with the tape thing is a, look, it's important, i'm sorry, but we got people dying, you know, while we're talking somebody is getting shot in chicago.
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murder went up last year more than it did in the last 41 years. there's something going wrong in this country. there's too much violence both street crime violence and terrorism and we need a strong president. it was quite clear. he's strong. she's weak. >> she hit him with the kitchen sink. kaine tried to resurge -- regurgitated statements. he went after her on e-mails and benghazi and in the first debate he left all that on the table. i didn't leave anything on the table. >> nothing on the table and she never had an answer to those 33,000 e-mails so when he got to the point where he said you belonged in jail, he's absolutely right. and he'd prosecute her. >> you might be the attorney general. >> i could convict her on at least -- i'm up to about 26 now and the reality is she lied to the fbi. martha stewart went to jail for
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lying to the fbi one time. she did it 39 times she had no -- she had a lot of recollection of all the stuff she wanted to say about trump but no recollection when talking to the fbi. >> last question, the issue of actions versus words. i just -- i've interviewed juanita and kathleen and interviewed paula and kathy shelton who hillary is on tape bragging she got somebody she thought was guilty off raping a 12-year-old girl. are people now -- the is media challenged? do they have a responsibility to bring these up? >> they'll go back to a 12-year-old tape on him or something that happened too many years ago, this is serious stuff. i mean i talked to that woman. >> kathy shelton. >> for some time. she did a lot of damage to kathy shelton. i mean, laughing twice >> laughing and bragging and knowing that he was guilty. >> yeah. and the woman was raped. can't have a child and then juanita broaddrick who says she
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was raped and hillary clinton attacked her. she said that herself in the microphone. finally she finally somebody someone finally gave her a chance to choice the way in which she was horribly treated by the president of the united states. now, you want to start talking about some language on a tape and attack people about that, well then you got to deal with your own problems. >> you got to deal with action. >> you got to deal with a sexual predator and his attacker hillary clinton. >> mr. mayor, great to see you. on a scale of one to tenure's giving this a 50. >> oh. >> 100? >> one of the biggest defeats in -- victories in a presidential debate ever. >> all right, mr. mayor, thank you very much. >> all right, joining us now in the spin room is trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. one thing, a big win for trump. >> most of america will agree if they're being honest and watched the debate and not the post spin. you saw a resolute donald trump tonight.
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focus showing why he is ready to be commander in chief and president on day one, sean. this is a guy who took it to hillary clinton as so many wanted him to on syria, the e-mails on benghazi on -- >> it was funny when he said acid watch. >> acid wash. look, he hears people all the time. when he's traveling around the country so frustrated yet again a different -- a different set of standards apply to hillary clinton over her e-mails than does apply to other people who broke the law. >> he also said, look, if i'm president you're not going to get a pass. you will be prosecuted. there were so much good lines by him. i think the difference from my perspective this and the last debate, i don't know if he would holding back, i don't know if it was by design. tim kaine regurgitated the talking points and he said, let's play. >> look, he told 88 million americans on live tv last time that he had come to do some
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rough stuff about hillary and her treatment of women in her husband's life and that he decided thought to at that moment but tonight he realized that there's so much to be gained by doing that if this woman is going to be president of the united states you have to put it all out there and let people realize that she represents the past and the status quo and rigged corrupt system. >> he kept going back to this. by the way she's been there l g longer than 30 years. >> she's been there much more than 30 years. he's right and put it in my own words. if he's been there all these years why do millions of american women don't have health insurance? why are so many living in poverty, millions and millions of women? fighting for women, fighting for women and he said at the end i respect the fact that she's a fighter and that's true but always been fighting for herself. if you look at her career, hillary first and he's putting america first in let me go through the differences, they all came out tonight. radical islam, vet refugees,
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increase the number or you don't. the economy, raise tax, cut taxes. you build the wall, you don't build the wall. you know, on every single issue he prosecuted the case about benghazi. about iraq. about syria, about putin, about straight on down the line. this was a substantive debate on top of everything else and he brought up the issues of her character, the e-mails, the bleach bit and the by, way even the treatment of women by the clintons, i would say he put that to rest. >> whether some of the reaction he received this weekend, sean, or in tonight's debate he is showing this contest is us versus them. who is them? the elite, the media, it's sometimes -- >> he really is anti-establishment. >> he's conveying that on behalf of the people. he built a movement and people feel a part of that and don't want him to throw in the towel. they want to see him take the case directly to her and stand up for his principles. i was proud and one times you haven't mentioned when he said
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you called tens of millions of people deplorable and her answer that was so terrible she was like i meant you -- no, that's not what you said. in the comfort of another washington -- >> calm, measured. >> and funny. >> and funny. >> humorous. >> that's the person i've known for years. >> spinning about him being in her space while -- oh, come on. that's the best you have, 90-minute substantive -- he was standing behind her when she was answering -- >> i'm in your space right now but you're in mine too. kellyanne conway, thank you. coming up just getting started in the spin room and in st. louis, missouri, newt gingrich and more as "hannity" continues. your car insurance policy
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it's all talk and no action with her. and, again, bernie sanders, it's really bad judgment. she has made bad judgment not only on taxes, she's made bad judgments on libya, on syria, on iraq. i mean, her and obama, whether you like it or not, the way they got out of iraq, the vacuum they left, that's why isis formed in the first place. they started from that little area and now they're in 32 different nations, hillary. congratulations. great job. >> all right, donald trump calling out hillary clinton, one of many, many times earlier tonight with reaction former speaker of the house newt gingrich, fox news contributor. i've watched a lot of presidential debates. i don't think i've ever seen any one person get crushed the way hillary clinton got crushed
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tonight. your thoughts? those are mine. >> i think that trump came in prepared to go as hard as he needed to. i think i stayed nose to nose with her all evening and i think she steadily lost. she lost because her case is so bad that once you get into substance she starts to di integrate. he was very fast and i think very good in coming back on a number of occasions and basically totally outmaneuvering her in terms of language, examples. bringing her own record to bear as you know, she was false about when the red line in syria occurred. she actually was the secretary of state when it was first announced. the whole thing is interesting. trump would say something which was clearly factually based then she would say, well, he's not telling the truth again but if you look at it again and again her problem is 33,000 e-mails
9:16 pm
deleted is real. making millions of dollars off of while you're serving the government is real. and so you go down these items and hillary had a problem. i also think she was totally rattled by having the four women there and i give trump some real credit. he managed to thread a needle of having a press conference in advance, having the women there, but really only getting into counterpunching when she forced the issue. so i think as a result, plus he was using a very calm tone of voice, something you and i used to talk to him about where i think he met the standard and the result was, he felt okay while he was saying very tough things and i think that in the end he did very well. >> yeah. and on substance. i mean, i didn't feel we got to the substance that we got to in this debate and the substance is, you know, vetting refugees, really important issue, huge
9:17 pm
differences, the substance of taxes, supreme court justices, immigration, borders. there are profound differences, how isis was created. whether to say radical islam. all of this came up and all of hillary's tactics of dumping the kitchen sink, i think, backfired. you could see it in her demeanor. she started out smiling and ended up biting her tongue at the end of the debate sgllt whole issue of the fact we know from wikileaks she wants acanadian health care system to replace obamacare. a clear gap. i don't see how anybody could say it do not have a very significant amount of substance and policy differentiation that was far more than i think you got in the first debate, trump did much better tonight, you know, if he improves as much over tonight as he did over the first time, the third debate will just be so one-sided it'll be embarrassing.
9:18 pm
>> what do you -- i actually thought it was kind of that way tonight but that was my biased view. what can you say? here's the question coming into this debate this tape that had been released, i want you to address number one how he handled it, sorry, i'm embarrassed, it was wrong. he didn't bring up the clinton's problems until as you said she really pressed it and he said, okay, you're going to go here, now let's talk and i think at that moment, that's when the debate changed dramatically. >> look, i thought it was kind of crazy what she did. she knew that he was prepared to fight over that stuff. she knew that he had the witnesses in the audience he could call on. and she knew that he had apologized in a way that would be acceptable to most independents and most republicans probably not convince left wing democrats but nonetheless they were to point -- she came back and went after him in a way which was almost like putting up a big
9:19 pm
sign begging, please kick me, i don't get it so he hit her and he hit her, i thought, very directly. very powerfully. i particularly think the one case and you know the youngs woman in question, the case of the 12-year-old of hillary laughing about getting this accused rapist off is so indefensible given her arguments about how you should treat women that it's just breathtaking that she would get into that particular fight. but it was done well. it wasn't -- my fear was the whole debate was go to degenerate into that kind of stuff, instead, you had very intense decisive moments then you went back to public policy questions and there you have to give trump credit. in the first debate trump did very well in the first 45 minutes not nearly as well in the second 45, i would argue in this debate he was gaining energy and she was losing
9:20 pm
energy. he was even better in the second half of the debate and the gap between the two of them was getting to be bigger and bigger and i think that's something he and his team should feel very good about it. >> republicans that wanted to panic and, you know, i think -- i said going back in the primary that establishment republicans, they didn't want donald trump the outsider or even ted cruz for that matter. they hated both because they were the insurgent candidates so it doesn't surprise me that they want to cut and run at any point a controversy. what are your thoughts on them and we only have 30 second. >> my thoughts is first of all tonight they have a lot of egg on their face because the guy who came showed up in the debate tonight clearly is the republican nominee. and he clearly has earned being the republican nominee and it's kind of crazy for somebody to suggest dumping him at this point and i would hope that a lot of those who panicked over the weekend would reconsider their position in the light of what we now have learned about
9:21 pm
hillary through wikileaks and the importance of stopping her from truly crippling the country. >> does he win this presidency? >> i think he is back on track and i think if they prosecute one simple thing, the brazilian bankers she told them in a secret speech she wants open borders which means 600 million people to come to the united states on that one issue alone he could beat her decisively and i -- so i think the odds are he wins despite everything the media has done in a totally one-sided way. >> mr. speaker, good to see you. thank you, as always. thanks for staying up late. >> glad to do it. >> the leader, nigel and mon cal crowley, laura ingraham. let's talk. >> hillary totally won this night. she came across as strong and forceful. she prosecuted the case
9:22 pm
against -- she reel leyva gave us solutions on how to grow the middle class. i felt the sluices -- they were oodzing out of heavy pore of hillary. for anyone to go on television tonight and say that this was not a decisive and frankly masterful performance by donald trump should just drop the pretense of being a republican strategist. they never strategize by the way or a republican pundit or an analyst. he came in with the entire gop establishment really against him. he came in with media against him. he came in with hollywood against him. and the entire bush apparatus. all of them against him and came in -- >> romney -- >> we're going down the tubes. you're an architect of this decline. he said this and he hit her in a way that not a single republican in the last 30 years has been able to lay a glove on the clintons. and he did it. we've been waiting for this moment and someone basically -- >> i was in the trailer where
9:23 pm
the bunch of people and all i heard -- ah. ooh. i mean, it was screaming. >> that was just all night. >> when he got to the abe lincoln line i thought -- >> that was laura. >> that was you? >> look, tonight what you saw was a dramatic reversal of fortune. there's a phrase don't give up five minutes before the miracle. he performed a miracle and gave such a dramatic, extraordinary dominating performance. i had a command over the issues. he took the fight to hillary clinton. he did not back down. you saw a man who is ready for the presidency. if that donald trump shows up into the third debate he will win because what he did tonight, sean, was reset the campaign. all of the people that you and laura talked about, the gop establishment, the media, the white house, the clinton campaign, they were all deeply investiga invested over donald trump's downfall. what they saw has forced them to try to re-adjust and what
9:24 pm
seeing is panic on their side. you saw it in the faces of bill clinton and in the faces of hillary clinton, the entire clinton team because now they have to adjust to a new reality. they thought they had it in the bag over the last 48 hours. donald trump just reset the game. >> the women showing up was a powerful statement because, all right, i actually wrote an article, put it up on, words, actions. for all the media they're so bankrupt and never talked about any of the issues involving hillary clinton and when you compare and contrast there's a big difference. nigel, brexit and similarities here. trade, immigration. refugees. how big an impact do you think? what similarities do you see? these issues on the american campaign versus what you witnessed? >> well, it was massive because on the one side you've got hillary, backed buy goldman sachs and jpmorgan and
9:25 pm
multinationals and on the other anti-establishment campaign. that's exactly what we saw in the british referendum. now, the key to us winning that referendum was about 2.5 million people who don't normally vote or have never voted in their lives turned out on june 23rd and a big majority voted for brexit and the absolute key to this trump campaign is can he mobilize, can he get people out there, the little people, the put upon people, those who completely know that washington as it's currently set up has got nothing to offer them. can he mobilize them to vote and i think tonight had the immigration question come up, he would have done even better because these are the issues that ordinary people really care about. >> and you know what, america can't make the mistake of europe and we now are seeing the damage that's been done because of immigration policies and refugee
9:26 pm
issues, laura, i thought on that particular issue the vetting of refugee issues is strong. also the creation of isis and hillary was wrong about iraq and syria -- >> a woman was flying and was the gate agent an iranian-jew and she said, can i tell you about the four refugees that i processed earlier this week? they come with just a piece -- like a stationary from the state department. they have their name on them and apparently their birth date and that's all they have. and she said, we're resetting them all over the country and four of them are dropped in minneapolis. >> we read the story about the passports being printed by -- >> these people didn't have passports and pulled me aside and tell you what's happening at los angeles international airport and i think nigel is right, the immigration issue cut as cross party lines because we see veterans eating out of gar badges cans. we see individuals who are down on their luck who can't get help because they make a little too much money to get any assistant
9:27 pm
and yet barack obama just waved in i guess 53,000 of the immigrant families and can stay for a number of years. it's not fair and cut into that basic issue of fairness and got it off the sex talk and just talked about -- >> i thought he handled that really well. >> absolutely. >> monica, when you think about hillary, i've always said she can't run on the economy. she can't run on her foreign policy. trump really hammered that home tonight and on top of that when you add in the argument he made many times that you've been there all these years, what have you done? there is no answer to that. she's done nothing. >> the critical thing donald trump did tonight was he took the focus off himself and put it on to the american people and the future of the country. that was his whole rationalen e for running. he went to the american people and said, i don't need this job. i'm super rich. i have a great family and a successful business. >> it's costing me money. >> but i'm doing it because i care about the american worker and the future of the nation.
9:28 pm
that's what he did tonight and he turned the tables on her. >> when they have more tapes it'll end up on deaf ears. >> every politician gets hilt when the crap hits the fan. it's inevitable. the question is not what they hit you with but -- >> you sound like rocky in the last -- no matter how hard you're hit. >> they'll have more. >> and then what he should say at that point is, okay, now how are you going to fix the economy? what are you going to do for the middle class and what are you going it with our veterans because you served them poorly. every -- >> i cornered john podesta and claire mccaskill and asked them questions, okay, upset about donald trump's words. what about their actions and what they called women and slandered, besmirched. -- >> how hillary did. >> it's not that someone was unfaithful to her but what she
9:29 pm
did in response. i think that's -- i think that's part of it put to rest. there will be other tapes and trying to do it. i just think -- >> she can't answer it. >> she has no substantive argument for american renewal. >> she was so desperate she was reaching back to the 1990s. >> oh mie god -- >> trying to make her case for to 2016. >> she still after all of these years is not offering a clear vision for where she wants to take the country or compelling rationale -- >> donald trump did. >> beyond i'm a woman and it's my turn. >> nigel, as you look at this debate, you had advice for donald trump after the first debate. what do you tell him after this one? >> well, the problem with the first she kept attacking him and he's a proud man and kept defending, defending and what happened tonight was the first 15 or 20 minutes was quite uncomfortable watching for everybody. and then we got on to the issues. and what we saw tonight with
9:30 pm
trump was actually he's got more mastery over policy than people have previously given him credit for and i thought he did dominated this debate tonight. i thought hillary was on the back throughout and i think as we go to las vegas in a few days' time psychologically he now has a massive edge. a campaign this morning was back to the wall now has momentum again. >> all right, nigel, thank you. real quick. >> the republicans have better look themselves in the mirror. if they want to win they all better get on their big boy pants and stop attacking the nominee and say -- >> we have two women saying get your big boy pants on. >> exactly. defeat the clintons go defeat them because the democrats are about winning and they'll drop everything they can to win this election, otherwise go to your think tanking and pontificate about your agenda -- >> if i'm in a fight, i want you two on --
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i didn't think i'd say this but i'm going to say it and i hate to say it, but if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it and we're going to have a special prosecutor. when i speak i go out and speak, the people of this country are furious. in my opinion the people that have been long-term workers at the fbi are furious. there has never been anything like this where e-mails and you get a subpoena, you get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena, you delete 33,000 e-mails. >> another powerful moment saying he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her e-mail scandal. that was tonight. joining us now psychologist
9:36 pm
expert, and the host of "justice" jeanine peer roar and lisa, good to see you all. you're the attorney. i think he's right. i think there's a prosecutable case. >> there is no question there is a prosecutable case. she looked nervous. she will really did. what you've got here with hillary clinton is a prosecution for the e-mails and the classified -- of materials and got a prosecution for the clinton foundation. you've got a prosecution for perjury, for lying, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence. >> why hasn't somebody brought this up? >> it's all there. >> didn't you feel that finally somebody is saying to the clintons what no media person would dare ask and should be asked. >> surrounded by people who protect them. she corrupted the department of justice, the fbi, they lie for heir. they destroyed information. they withheld e-mails and the country -- >> you know what, i feel the way
9:37 pm
the country feels. she needs prosecuted. >> the case was prosecuted tonight and that's why trump had such a great night. >> tonight we saw the quintessential difference between somebody who was really there speaking on behalf of the people and there as part of the establishment who, sean, you saw it on her face, she could not believe she was losing that debate and she was losing. >> she was getting crushed. >> she was and her eyes were shifting back and forth. true sign of nervousness. >> lisa, i hear you. >> well, sean, a few things that are interesting from tonight. look, donald trump wrote the art of the comeback and that's what happened tonight, frank luntz did a focus group and the swing voters went from eight to four and trump's doubled 9 to 16 rather so his doubled. yes, so his doubles. other thing interesting -- 18. you're right, went from 9 to 18 after the debate. another thing interesting.
9:38 pm
if you look the rnc put out a tate touting the debate so looks like they may actually be staying with trump and keeping those funds to his campaign versus directing them to -- >> b >> lisa, these people are such babies. here you have a family that abused women, prosecuted women, slandered them and a guy that had sex with an intern and cigars and dresses and accusations of rape and groping and grabbing and they're upset about a few words. so angry -- such wimps. >> i get it. the point is he needs them from a brass roots operation perspective from getting out the vote. >> you're right. >> he needs them from a tactical campaign perspective so he needs them to stay with him and looks like based off the statement tonight they might be. >> i think they would. >> you know what i saw tonight, i saw fear in hillary's eyes and
9:39 pm
i saw fear in bill clinton's eyes and couldn't help but think as he prosecuted this case, donald trump prosecuted, i couldn't help but think that bill clinton is thinking if i could be bill cosby all of these women are like the ghosts of casts of my past life are coming back and you actually can prosecute both of the clintons for what happened here. >> there's one big difference, judge. all right. donald trump used locker room talk. words, what he did was unconscionable and what they did together is smear, slander, besmirch and treat these women like garbage. >> they put words into action and that's the difference. what the clintons did was violate the criminal law, the penal law, the federal law, the state law, the moral law and they stand there as if they're on a higher moral ground than donald trump. >> this by the way is an indictment, dr. loudon because
9:40 pm
they never asked these questions. >> and she had no answers. and she sat there smiling at the can ra with this bizarre smile like that -- the public was not -- that they didn't deserve the answer. that was the look on her face and so i think there was a message there for the average american. i think that's why so many people probably switched to trump because they saw what all of us have been screaming to say because donald trump had to bes interviewer there because no one else -- >> people -- >> you're definitely deplorable. >> no. >> how long have we been friend. >> woo who donated more campaign to you than me? >> i was honest. i had a moral core. >> i know. >> no. lots. >> back to lease have. >> i think -- another thing that trump did well tonight was the fact that he did take on the
9:41 pm
modera moderators. they were putting a lot -- >> one on three. >> and me one second. i love it. >> it was great. >> i loved it. >> you guys noticed and did you guys notice that after he said that, they sort of changed their tactics with him and they did ask -- >> so i think that was important that he did that. but outside of the fact they landed some really solid hits to hillary clinton he also brought up issues that were important and talked about energy and talked about obamacare. i talked about taxes and i think that was important because he showed a level of substance that we didn't see from him the first debate so i think that was really, really important he did that tonight -- >> i got to ask one question. does he win, yes or no? >> absolutely. >> of course, he wins. >> lisa. >> absolutely. >> no doubt does he win the election? >> i don't know. i don't know. i can't say yes. i'm sorry. i think he won the debate tonight. >> we got to break.
9:42 pm
>> he's on top of his game and knows the facts. >> this was a strong -- this was powerful tonight. it'll be interesting to watch poll numbers in the days to come. when we come back more reaction to tonight's second presidential debate. rein along with larry elder, david limbaugh and more as we continue from st. louis straight up.
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it's just words, folks. i heard them when they were running for the senate in new york where hillary was going to bring back jobs to upstate new york and failed. i've heard them where hillary's constantly talking about the inner cities of our country.
9:46 pm
they're a disaster educationwise, safetywise. in every way possible. >> one of the highlights from tonight's second presidential debate. earlier reince priebus joined us in the spin room for reaction. take a quick look. joining us is reince priebus. your thoughts? >> he clearly won the debate and every question he pivoted back to hillary and maid the case for himself but then asked a big question tonight, look, you've got all these ideas and all these plans and been in office for 30 years and you didn't do it. whether it was about the taxes that she's talking about tax loopholes. he did a great job on that question and talking about lib yash libya, benghazi. e-mails, on and on. the fact is what he did tonight i thought very well was prosecuting hillary clinton and the fact that she's been in the
9:47 pm
public for 30 years and it hasn't worked. i also would argue this was more about substance in a lot of ways. he still talked about immigration and refugees and putin, russia and the economy as you point out so i think a lot of substance came in here and i also feel like he did something he didn't do in the last debate. he decided to hit back. she's been dumping the kitchen sink and kaine has. what did you feel about that? >> the whole point, he wasn't going to just sit there and just defend every single charge coming his way. look, as we've said many times she memorizes a litany of accusati accusations. she memorizes them with pretty good skill but the fact is that she couldn't remember when the fbi interviewed her about something actually important, 39 times she said she didn't recall. yet she can recall every tiny
9:48 pm
grievance that ever came out of donald trump's mouth -- let's face it. he's lived an extraordinary life. and some of it i'm sure is pretty wild. but he was a private citizen. she was in the public eye and she did things that were inexcusable and many times illegal. >> he said that and he said i'd prosecute. that i said this is a choice selection. there are big issues in play here. on the issue that everybody was talking about coming into tonight and that is a tape from 11 years ago he did point out apologized, said he was embarrassed. said it a number of times, but he also brought up some really horrible behavior by the clintons. it seemed like he was reluctant but he did it in the end. smart? >> well, i think you have to -- obviously there's nothing to say good about that tape. i mean i have got nothing good to say about it and it's terrible -- >> there's nothing good about their behavior, is there.
9:49 pm
>> their behavior doesn't excuse -- >> i'm not saying it does. >> but the point is he did what he had to do in regard to the tape. look, it's something like he said that he was embarrassed by. that he apologized for and apologized to his family and the american people. he was ashamed. look, i think that what this race has to be about, about things that really, really matter, which is foreign policy, jobs, the economy and the fact that hillary clinton has had her kick at the can many, many times on these issues and she didn't deliver. >> look, i can't say much about, you know, good about any of that tape stuff. you know that. but i do think that he did a great job of prosecuting hillary clinton and coming back time and time again. >> all right, mr. chairman, good to see you. thank you very much as always. thank you. all right, joining us now is
9:50 pm
nationally syndicated talk show host larry elder, doug shown and david limbaugh, full disclosure, david has done legal work for me in the past which i have to say all the time but somebody will write about it tomorrow. >> and hope in in the future. >> one of the best attorneys i know. thoughts? >> i thought if there is one debate that could turn this election around and have trump recover from this employee he took this week, this was it. it was a phenomenal performance, poised, prepared. calm and he was firm without being mean. and i thought we had 3-1, two moderators and hillary clinton against donald trump, they couldn't get him off his game. he was able not only to counter attack and turn the personal issues back on hillary without -- getting dwelling on them. his own personal issues then turned it on substantive issues and pointed out 8 or 10
9:51 pm
substantive issues where she's weak and he's much stronger from degrading the military to energy. big on energy. to regulations and taxes. he even deflected the issue about his own personal income tax issue. >> he didn't deflect it but said he pays hundreds of millions -- >> he turned it around. >> larry. >> who would have thought 24, 48 hours ago the trump tape would be something that he would turn to his advantage. it gave him an opportunity to be contrite, say he was embarrassed to apologize but it also gave him an opportunity to talk about not only bill's transgressions and alleged rape but the fact that hillary coveredup for what he's done and abused the women that made the allegations. sean, there's so much hypocrisy, icons, jfk, teddy is an icon,
9:52 pm
bobby is an icon, serial cheaters and their luster has not diminished in any way, shape or form so all this outrage the democrats have over donald trump's behavior is just a bit much to me. >> all right, let me go to doug shone. you had tough criteria for trump to hit. i don't think he could have done better based on your criteria. >> an assessment. i think he stabilized his candidacy which is a huge, huge victory for him. that's point one. point two, he was more substantive. he did prosecute the case well. here are his challenges going forward. first he has to expand his base with all those upset with how the country is being run. so far it's not big enough to win. but two other quick points. there were issues raised that could open -- that could change the election.
9:53 pm
open borders and free trade. in the wikileaks leak it's clear that hillary has taken positions that are divergent with her public position. >> she said it. she's now for open borders, right. but i mean open borders, let's -- how many billions of people in the world and she also says a public and private persona. you say one thing publicly but behind the scenes she's a different person. isn't that what everybody hates about politics? >> it is. when you add in free trade which she's unabashedly endorsed and she's opposed now tpp, look, there is a huge opening for trump. let's not get ahead of ourselves. she will still be ahead and the favorite but this is a big, big stabilizing moment for trump. >> do you -- the polls have been tight. here's a question i have. is there a group of meme th--
9:54 pm
people that are being polled that won't say they're voting for trump. i think there's a lot of people that are not firm. not sure and so you may not call them totally undecided but beneficially washy and a debate like tonight where hillary are no answers and trump hit her from 50 different angles on all eight cylinders, she gave no specifics other than saying generically donald trump lied and never did follow up on any of the stuff and he hit her hard on her lack of integrity. and on her lying and did it in a way that wasn't mean. i want to emphasize that. that's -- >> that's a delicate -- that's a needle -- you're threading a needle when you do that. i agree. i think he hit the right pitch and tone and cadence. >> i'm surprised how well he did. not because i underestimate. i'm just saying this -- you couldn't have had a more phenomenal performance. >> larry, why are you laughing? >> well, i'm laughing at him saying he's deprived.
9:55 pm
donald trump did his homework. hillary can't do any bet ever. i knew donald trump could do a lot better and he talked about all the other taxes he paid. he should have said that the last time and one final thing as somebody else pointed out did you do these things? he had to respond to that hillary has never been asked did you verbally intimidate juanita broaddrick an alleged rape survivor. she's never been asked that. incredibly unfair. >> you know, it has been unfair and that's the thing. doug, you got to admit for a long time the clintons have gotten a pass. the media doesn't ask tough questions. what was most effective on top of talking about substance and issues and showing a passion, he prosecuted the case. they've been there forever. they haven't got the job done and take the tapes he said and compare it to their acteds and it's a lot worse. >> yeah.
9:56 pm
>> look, it was well handled tonight. i give it to donald trump. he's going to be elected if he's elected on issues, not the clintons' past behavior on sex. >> but he certainly neutralized any -- what they did and the way they treated women is far worse. >> he neutralized the tape which is the big accomplishment. >> right. >> by the way i'd hire what ary too. he is a good lawyer. >> so am i. >> all right. that's all the time. as always thanks for being with us. see you back in new york tomorrow night, juanita broaddrick, kathleen willey and kathy shelton will join us. i hope you will too.
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up next "hannity" live. welcome to "hannity." we are in the spin room, welcome to "hannity." wow. what a n we have a full night of great guests coming up. we started just moments ago with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. this is how it went down. well, you happy? >> i'm very happy. i'm a very happy win. i thought he was going to win. he did a lot better than i thought. i considered it a knockout. by the end of the debate she was just talking for the purpose of talking. she looked tired to me. the last 15 minutes she looked


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